Selmer Mark VI Silver-Plated Alto Saxophone #136755 (Out on Trial)


Price: $ 6,750.00

Serial #: 136755 Brand: Selmer Year: 1966 Inventory: Out On Trial, Used
Please contact PM Woodwind if you are interested in buying or selling used Alto Saxophones.

This is a factory silver-plated Selmer Mark VI alto in very good condition. It has a rich, resonant, ringing sound, not too bright or dark, and a stable center, not too spread.

The silver plating is in very good condition with very little visible wear. Other than some light scratches here and there and some plating worn off on the low C key, the plating is in great condition. There was some minor repair done near the low C/Eb bottom post. It appears it was slightly dented there and fixed. This was minor and does not affect the way this sax plays. One foot of the side F# guard was resoldered. Sax was recently repadded at another shop with black leather pads and metal resonators. Sax has original neck. Because this sax was assembled in Paris it does not have engraving or a serial number on the neck.

This is a fantastic blowing factory silver-plated Mark VI alto in wonderful condition. A great buy. Sax comes in original Selmer Paris case.

All used instruments purchased from PM Woodwind come with a six month warranty

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