Conn-O-Sax Saxophone #219385 **SOLD**


Serial #: 219385 Brand: Conn Year: 1929 Inventory: Sold
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This is a beautiful vintage Conn-O-Sax. This sax was made by Conn in 1929 and is considered to be one of the rarest and most collectible saxophones ever produced.

This particular Conn-O-Sax appears to have an interesting story. I believe this sax started out as an unlacquered instrument. It looks as though it has Buescher lacquer on it and it is in a Buescher case which was definitely made for it. Many instruments from this period were unlacquered. The serial number and engraving are excellent. I have examined this horn extensively and found it to be in excellent condition. My initial opinion was that the horn was completely original but the lacquer appears to be closer to a Buescher color. That and the fact that it is in a Buescher case leads me to believe that the original owner had it lacquered at the Buescher factory in the early 30s. It was probably hand polished and then lacquered. The case is also from the early 30s.

The lacquer on this sax is in excellent condition. There are no major dents and no soldering. It appears that some very minor dent work was done on the top of the bowl section. Other than that, the sax has very limited wear. There are a few scratches on the body and a small group of scratches on the bowl, and some lacquer wear in places. I would say approximately 95% lacquer is remaining. Pads are Conn Reso pads and are in decent condition. Sax has original neck.

This saxophone is pitched in the key of F. It has a range from high G down to low A. It also has the nail file G# key. Each high note from high D to high G has a corresponding palm key. The low A key is next to the right hand thumb hook. It is hard to describe how this instrument plays because it is so different from other saxophones. It does have a wonderful sound and a very stable center. It also plays extremely well in tune. Sax comes with an A. Lelandais mouthpiece.

This is an absolutely outstanding Conn-O-Sax. It is in excellent condition and is a rare find. These saxes very seldom come into the market place. This is truly a unique instrument.

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