Mouthpiece Repairs and Refacing by Eli V Wilson

Eli has been working at PM Woodwind since 2015.  As the resident mouthpiece specialist, he is in charge of evaluating and pricing all used mouthpieces that come through the shop.  As an extension of this role, in 2020 Eli began working on mouthpieces as well, doing everything from basic refacing and bite plate replacements to more involved crack and chip repairs.  All mouthpiece refacing and repair will be quoted individually based on the material of the mouthpiece and the extent of the work that is needed.


Standard Refacing

Tip opening/closing

Bite plate replacement


To find out more call us at (847) 869-7049 or email

If you are in the Chicagoland area, feel free to stop in and talk to Eli in person.  He is normally in the shop on Mondays, but we highly recommend calling ahead to set up an appointment to make sure he will be available when you come in.

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