Saxophone Overhaul


Saxophone overhaul includes swedging of all keys, re-fitting pivot screws, leveling tone holes, springs as needed, complete cleaning of instrument and neck cork. Kangaroo leather pads are used along with PM Woodwind screw-in domed brass resonators. An extra charge is added if saxophone needs to be completely re-sprung. The only springs used are blue needle springs. Minor dent work is also included. Major dent work along with other extra work (new rods, pivots, etc.) will be quoted when saxophone is received.

If kangaroo leather pads and PM Woodwind screw-in domed brass resonators are not preferred, standard metal or plastic resonators and standard leather pads are available per customer’s request.

Custom key work is available and will be quoted separately for each individual project.

Silver or gold plating, if desired, is also available. PM Woodwind Repair uses Anderson silver plating in Elkhart, IN. Prices for plating will be quoted upon request.

Custom engraving is also available and will be quoted separately.