"I have known Paul throughout my professional career as the finest saxophone master craftsman, technician, woodwind dealer, fellow saxophonist and friend. I have the highest respect for him and PM Woodwind."

"Paul and the staff at PM woodwind are the real deal. They are experts on all things saxophone. He and his technicians take the guesswork out of saxophone repair so I can focus my energy and time on what’s important to me - Making Music!!!”

"Paul Maslin knows the saxophone as a player and a technician. Through the years I have played on horns that he has set up and finally had him do one for me. They play perfectly and are set up with the detail only an artist can do. His store and reputation make it a must to visit him when in the Chicago area. If you want saxophone help, Paul is the guy."

"Paul Maslin is the real deal! He knows the saxophone inside and out and is a craftsman of the highest order. He has an incredible shop and surrounds himself with the best. If you want your horns done right, PM Woodwind and Paul Maslin will take great care of you."

"Paul Maslin is a woodwind technician/dealer of the highest caliber. When I'm in Chicago I make sure to visit Paul for saxophone repairs and supplies. It's been a pleasure knowing and working with him over the years."

"Paul is a great friend and a true craftsman. He doesn't just fix saxophones, he customizes them to the individual player. I rely heavily on his expertise, and he is the only technician that I will let near my saxophones. Each and every time he works on my horn it just plays better."

"I've known Paul for more than 20 years and he has always made sure my horns were killin'!!! Even when I felt my horns were playing great, Paul finds a way to tweak'em out so that they play even better than I thought possible!!!"

"For over 15 years, Paul Maslin has kept my instruments in great shape. He is my "fine-tuning" any time I work in the Chicago area. A craftsman of the highest order! Much success at your store, Paul!"

"Paul Maslin is a master of saxophone repair. A more thorough and exacting musician repair technician cannot, in my mind, be found anywhere."

"Paul is a true artisan at saxophone repair and a true gentleman. I've never felt such a big difference with my horn after small tweaks and adjustments as when Paul adjusted my horn. I can't wait to have my SBA tenor and Mark VI alto overhauled! Thank you Paul!"

"During my tours in the U.S. and Europe over the last several years, I've had to have work done on my instruments by various technicians. Those experiences on the road have shown me that Paul Maslin does the best saxophone repair work, period. Paul works quickly, knows the instruments cold, and his repairs last. In addition, he is an excellent "sax broker." I've purchased my current tenor and baritone through his recommendations and assistance, and both horns are incredible. I recommend Paul Maslin's work without question or hesitation."

"Paul has been my friend and my #1 repair person, mainly because he is one of the best sax players around and he knows exactly how the horn should be set up. He tends to all of the detail concerning key adjustment, pad quality, spring adjustment and the overall playing feel of the horn. Because he is such a fine player, he knows that detail in repair is most important. He has overhauled three of my horns and I could not be happier with the fine work and time he incorporates in the repair process. He is truly a professional all the way. Thanks to him I now feel very confident when I play my horn. Thanks Paul for a well done job."

"Although I live in Cincinnati and he lives in Chicago, it's worth it to me to make the drive when my horns need repair work. Paul has always done superior work on my saxophones, and I know I can trust him to bring out the very best in my MK VI tenor and my Mark VI alto. In addition, he's also been very informative with regard to mouthpieces, and has helped me purchase some great used saxes through his shop. I think it makes a big difference when a repair person is also a player. Paul puts a lot of air through the horn and gets a great sound. This, I believe, gives him an added advantage over repairmen who do not play professionally on a regular basis. If you're looking for great saxophone repair work, Paul Maslin at PM Woodwind Repair should be your first choice."

"Paul Maslin has been my repairman for the past 20 plus years. His attention to detail is outstanding. I have very specific needs when it comes to how the action on my horn feels. Paul knows how to set up a horn just right for my specific needs. In addition, Paul knows the "type" of horn I'm looking for...after playing my horn, he knows that I like a certain amount of resistance, and a certain kind of center or core in the tone. When a horn comes up for sale, Paul can try it, give me a call, and tell me that this is the kind of horn I'd like. He's always right. That's a unique skill, and one that only a top saxophonist would possess. I wholeheartedly recommend PM Woodwind Repair to all of my students and professional acquaintances."

"Paul has been my repair technician exclusively for the past dozen or so years. I have never seen better work from anyone, anywhere around the country. He is the standard of excellence in saxophone repair!"