Dorado 500 Alto Saxophone #5711148 (Out on Trial)


Price: $ 1,150.00

Serial #: 5711148 Brand: Dorado Inventory: Used
Please contact PM Woodwind if you are interested in buying or selling used Alto Saxophones.

This is an original lacquer Dorado 500 alto. It has a resonant, vibrant sound, not too bright or dark, and a solid center, slightly more focused.

Lacquer is in good condition with a fair amount of normal wear throughout. The lacquer wear is distributed quite evenly between the body, bell, bow and keys. There are no major dents and no soldering. This sax has a few bumps and bruises, but nothing major. Truly a players horn. Pads have plastic resonators and are in good condition. Sax has original neck. This sax was made by Yanagisawa and is basically a Yanagisawa Prima-A4.

This is a great blowing Dorado 500 alto in good condition. Truly a great buy for a Yanagisawa made alto. Sax comes in Yanagisawa case.

All used instruments purchased from PM Woodwind come with a six month warranty

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