Eppelsheim Eb “Tubax” Contrabass Saxophone #178 (Out on Trial)


Price: $ 20,950.00

Serial #: 178 Brand: Eppelsheim Inventory: Used
Please contact PM Woodwind if you are interested in buying or selling used Contrabass Saxophones.

This is an original lacquer Eppelsheim Eb Tubax Contrabass saxophone. It has a rich, resonant, vibrant sound and a solid center, not too focused or spread.

The lacquer is in superb condition with barely a visible surface scratch. This saxophone is in as perfect condition as you can get for a used horn. There are no dents and no soldering. Pads are original leather pads with metal resonators and are in excellent condition. Sax has original neck. This is a one owner original saxophone. The owner bought it new and took impeccable care of this instrument. I even met him in person for delivery of the saxophone to insure there would be no damage incurred in shipping.

The Tubax is an extraordinary instrument made by Eppelsheim. It is basically a smaller more compact version of a contrabass saxophone. It plays fantastic! It uses a baritone saxophone mouthpiece and plays extremely easy. It is truly a joy to play and feels exceptionally comfortable in your hands. I was surprised myself how easy it is to play and make a great sound on this instrument. It is truly unique and original.

This is an original lacquer, one owner, Eppelsheim Eb Tubax in brand new condition. Truly a rare find. These instruments rarely come on the market used. This sax comes in the original case, has the original stand, and the original Rousseau mouthpiece. A great buy and a great find.

All used instruments purchased from PM Woodwind come with a six month warranty

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