Gonzalez F.O.F Clarinet Reeds


Price: $ 27.95

Product ID: GonzalezFOFCL Brand: Gonzalez Inventory: New
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For our Friends (FOF) was meant for those clarinetists that need a reed with a darker sound. They are made following an ?american? cut. These reeds have thicker wood in the heart; therefore they require longer times in order to become stable.
This cane is made of premium quality on a segment of 3.6 mm. rectified to 3.18 mm. leaving the scraping in a more morbid area of the reed, this results in a darker sound.
The material is stored to age for at least 4 years before its manufacture.
Because of its deeply carved shoulders, the reed is completely released in the bass sounds, where vibrates like no other. While a heart with higher density allows to attack the high notes with ease and refinement.

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