LaVoz Alto Saxophone Reeds


MSRP: $ 50.50
Our Price: $ 22.95

Product ID: LaVozAS Brand: LaVoz Inventory: New
Please contact PM Woodwind if you are interested in buying or selling Alto Saxophone Reeds.

La Voz alto saxophone reeds are mad from the best natural reed cane, They are an unfiled reed and are characterized by a deep, powerful tone, making La Voz a popular choice among professional woodwind players everywhere. Their fair pricing also make them a popular favorite in the school band and orchestra market. La Voz reeds are designed for great projection and versatility.

La Voz reeds are a professional-quality reed for all musical applications, featuring consistent response and playability. Full-bodied tone quality and a unique strength grading system make La Voz Reeds a fine choice for all kinds of music. 10 reeds per box.

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