Keilwerth SX90 Baritone Saxophone


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Keilwerth Sx90R Series Saxophones
Baritone SX90R Saxophone
The SX90R baritone saxophone, lacquered body and keys, rolled tone holes, range to low A, auxiliary high F# key, mother of pearl finger buttons, adjustable palm keys, adjustable thumb rest, leather pads with metal resonators, hydraulically formed neck, key clamps, and high-tech aluminum-framed “bullet” case.
The Keilwerth SX 90 Baritone saxophone produces a rich, deep tone. It has the capability of blending into a jazz ensemble or cutting through during solos. Adjustable palm keys make the SX 90 Baritone saxophone comfortable and easy to play, allowing the musician to concentrate on his performance and not his horn.

  • Adjustable palm keys (height and angle): guarantees optimim hand position
  • Adjustable thumb rest: guarantees the optimum hand position
  • Auxiliary high F- sharp key: for better playing facility in the altissimo register
  • B-Bb-C#-G# key mechanism: mechanism for little finger of left hand fast and easy to operate , because of pivoted Bb key
  • Bigger bow section: makes low register easy to play at all dynamic levels
  • Hydraulically formed neck: excellent intonation and response
  • Leather pads with metal resonators, waterproof: high quality, long lasting; improved sound projection and clarity
  • Mother of pearl keys without a bezel: for optimum playing comfort

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