Yamaha YCL-SEVR Clarinet


MSRP: $ 5,164.00
Our Price: $ 3,685.99

Product ID: YCL-SEVR Brand: Yamaha Inventory: New
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The Yamaha V-series clarinets are the result of years of development dedicated to a clearly focused concept: crafting a Custom clarinet that has a beautiful sound, consistent quality, and an affordable price. Both student and professional clarinetists require a rich sound and comfortable playability. These qualities were combined with the high level of consistency that only Yamaha can provide, allowing clarinetists to demand a higher standard than ever before. Redesigned keys offer comfortable, ergonomic hand placement. In addition, the new keys have thicker silver-plating for a dark and resonant sound quality. Durable leather pads ensure a precise seal between pad and tone hold for ease of response throughout the entire range of the clarinet. Two different bore taper options pair to offer player with choices to find the optimal combination of response and tone for their own playing style. A new custom barrel design provides a well-calanced response and rich, warm tonal colors that will elevate the progressing clarinetist’s playing.

Grenadilla wood body, barrel, and bell
Custom SEVR bore design
Silver-plated keys
Adjustable thumb rest and neck strap ring

YCL-SEVR comes in a YAC CLC-65 case and includes a CLB-90II cover and a 4CM mouthpiece

All new instruments purchased from PM Woodwind come with a one year warranty

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