Yamaha YSS-875EXHG Soprano Saxophone


MSRP: $ 8,587.00
Our Price: $ 5,569.99

Product ID: YamahaYSS-875EXHG Brand: Yamaha Inventory: New
Please contact PM Woodwind if you are interested in buying or selling used Soprano Saxophones.

Yamaha Custom EX Saxophones feature gold lacquer finish on the body and keys, an engraved bell and mother of pearl key buttons. The new brass alloy coupled with an advanced neck and bore design provide superior response, intonation, and projection. The one-piece rib construction and improved key levers produce quick, responsive key movements. All Yamaha Custom EX Saxophones feature a high F# key and an adjustable front F key.

Additional Features:
Two detachable G2 necks (curved and straight)
High F# and G keys
Hand-hammered, one-piece obyd
One-piece ribbed and flanged post construction

YSS-875EXHG comes in a SSC-875 case and includes a 4CM mouthpiece

All new instruments purchased from PM Woodwind come with a one year warranty

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