Rene Dumont Alto Saxophone #15253


Price: $ 800.00

Serial #: 15253 Brand: Rene Dumont Inventory: Used
Please contact PM Woodwind if you are interested in buying or selling used Alto Saxophones.

This is an original lacquer Rene Dumont alto. It has a resonant, slightly darker sound and a stable center, slightly more spread.

Lacquer is in very good condition with normal light wear throughout. Keys are nickel plated. There are no major dents and very little soldering. Pads are older rivet pads but are still in decent condition. Sax has original neck with matching serial number. Sax also has rolled tone holes. This is not a well known brand of saxophone but plays well.

This is a wonderful blowing Rene Dumont alto in very good condition. Sax comes in standard rectangular case.

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