Yanagisawa SWO1 Soprano Saxophone


MSRP: $ 8,769.00
Our Price: $ 5,119.00

Product ID: YaniSWO1Sop Brand: Yanagisawa Inventory: New
Please contact PM Woodwind if you are interested in buying or selling used Soprano Saxophones.

Already renowned for its easy-blowing upper register, the soprano has evolved to an even higher state of perfection with its scale, tone and playability. Enjoy a soprano that resonates with the heart and soul our design and production teams envisioned.

A popular brass model that shines by offering core features and great ergonomics at an attractive price.


Professional model: This model harness the strengths of its one-piece, integrated design from neck to bell to deliver a free-blowing experience with tonal power and projection you can count on even after many years of use.

All new instruments purchased from PM Woodwind come with a one year warranty

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