King Gold-Plated Saxello #81770 **SOLD**


Serial #: 81770 Brand: King Inventory: Sold
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This is a factory gold-plated, maybe one of a kind, King saxello with full pearls and fully engraved body, bell, and bow. It has a rich, resonant, vibrant sound and a solid center, slightly more focused.

The gold plating is in excellent condition with very little normal wear throughout. There are a few minor scratches inside the bell and a few scratches here and there, but nothing of any importance. There are no major dents and some minor soldering. There was a small dent removed in the bell and a small dent near the top high E post. The low B and Bb posts and the top high E post have been resoldered. All of these repairs are very minor. This sax is in truly beautiful condition. Pads are older standard leather pads with rivets. These pads are still in decent condition. However, the sax will need a repad in the near future.

King saxellos are available, but this may be one of the only saxellos of its kind. It is truly the rarest of saxellos. The engraving is exquisite and covers the bell, body tube, and bow. Each key has pearl inlay where the hands touch the instrument. This is truly a collectors horn.

This is a fantastic blowing rare, factory gold plated saxello in outstanding condition. Truly a rare find. Sax comes in the original King case but is missing the small factory stand.

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