Klangbogen by Reedgeek


Price: $ 70.00

Product ID: KlangBogen Brand: Reedgeek Inventory: New
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The Klangbogen is a German developed product from the ReedGeek family. It instantly increases the depth and output of your saxophones tone while stabilizing the extreme ranges. This product helps your saxophone speak with more clarity and projection. The Klangbogen is made of a beautifully crafted solid brass bow. The 3 pin set is able to fit in most any saxophone make and model’s lyre holder. The Klangbogen’s design maximizes the air flow through the conical tube and improves the efficiency of a balanced reed by supporting and reducing air turbulence at the neck-tenon and palm keys. These innovations enable any player to achieve a rich saxophone sound with great forward, focused projection to their sound.

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