Selmer Soloist Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


MSRP: $ 334.00
Our Price: $ 229.00

Product ID: SelmerMpcSoloAS Brand: Selmer Inventory: New
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The Selmer Soloist mouthpieces for alto saxophones designed by Selmer (Paris) were inspired by the older Soloist model manufactured in the 1940s. Features include a round throat and traditional bead design. Precision tooled from a hard rubber bar, its inner chamber offers a nice direct volume with a warm, centered sound to play both jazz and classical repertoire.

Model C*: Tip: 1.70 / Table length: 22.00
Model C**: Tip: 1.80 / Table length: 22.00
Model D: Tip: 1.90 / Table length: 22.00
Model E: Tip: 2.00 / Table length: 22.00
Model F: Tip: 2.20) / Table length: 22.00

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