Silverstein Ambipoly Jazz Saxophone Reed


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About the profile:

In the spirit of innovative disruption that has shaped music for centuries, Silverstein Works introduces the Ambipoly Jazz saxophone reed. Designed as an answer to current modern-cut reeds, the Ambipoly Jazz reed has a slightly thinner vamp and heart, with a subtly modified tip, giving the reed a crisp and lightning fast response, while maintaining a warm, intimate and inviting tonal signature. With tons of projection and power, whether your style is Bechet or Bird, Sanborn to Sun Ra, the Ambipoly Jazz has you covered.

About the material:

  • Concert-ready warm and round sound with immediate response and clarity
  • Feels and plays like cane, not strange plastic
  • Rich harmonics over a full dynamic range
  • Clear altissimo
  • Secure articulation and intonation
  • Stable to temperature, humidity and altitude variation
  • Guaranteed consistency that does not gradually degrade with use
  • Absorbs and retains water for harmonic coherence
  • Perfectly customizable with your favorite reed tool
  • Mouth Safe synthetic material
  • Expected lifespan: 12+ months
  • Never splinters, no micro cracks
  • Pairs to your mouthpiece like cane; please refer to our “Quick Start Guide
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