Vandoren 56 Rue Lepic Clarinet Reeds


MSRP: $ 67.99
Our Price: $ 36.99

Product ID: VDRL Brand: Vandoren Inventory: New
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56 Rue Lepic is the address where Vandoren reeds were first produced and as such is widely regarded as the home of reed innovation. Designed from thicker cane, the 56 emits a rich, centered and extremely pure sound while providing maximum stability in all registers. Its quick response ensures precision in the most difficult passages without sacrificing the extraordinary round and warm sound.

Precision is extended to the new numbering system that offers a more specific range of strengths in each box for consistent performance. The 56 Rue Lepic comes in humidity balanced factory fresh packaging so all reeds play as though you toured the Paris factory and selected them by hand at 56 Rue Lepic. Box of 10 reeds

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